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Visulal Studio.Net Custom App Wizard



20 Apr 2005 (Updated )

Customized App Wizard for creating MEX files in Visual Studio.Net.

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File Information

This project will create a custom App Wizard for creating MEX files in Visual Studio.Net. After installing, use the wizard to create a skeleton mex-file project, with the correct project settings. Simply fill in your function code and compile to create your DLL.


Yprime.Zip inspired this file.

This file inspired Visual Studio.Net Custom App Wizard For Simulink S Functions.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
Other requirements Visual Studio.Net 7.0 (or later) Microsoft Windows
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Comments and Ratings (11)
26 Jun 2012 Mike Woodward

You might also want to check out this download: - it's fully documented.

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29 Sep 2009 Chamane

very good indeed

01 Feb 2007 Mahdi Shafiei

For this to work with Visual C++ 2005 Express, in addition to the change mentioned in one of the previous comments in the \vcprojects\Matlab\MatMex.vsz file, you should also add a line. So,

should be changed to

and the following line should be added to the end:
Param="RELATIVE_PATH = Express\VCWizards"

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27 May 2006 Ken Meyfroodt

Did someone succeed in using this in Visual C++ 2005 Express? (the free version)

I see the matlab template, I can select it and give a project name but when I press OK nothing is happening and there is no project created.(I did change 7.1 to 8.0)

The VCwizard directory structure seems different?

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28 Feb 2006 André R Brodtkorb

For this to work with MSVC 8.0 you need to change the following in the \vcprojects\Matlab\MatMex.vsz

should be changed to

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27 Feb 2006 Bob Huggins

Found it it easy to use as a beginner to MEX and MAT lab ,it would be nice to see the code for WIZARD I might find out how to add to it . Support for ADO & Intel math library would be nice since purpose is speed. It only takes 3 lines an extra header & pointing the linker at the library but since this is going to be used a lot it would be nice to have it done .

14 Dec 2005 Rob Szalapski

This was extremely easy to install and use. I am very pleased that I can work in my prefered Visual Studio IDE. NOTE: Change build settings to build directly to your Matlab path.

20 Nov 2005 Jun Tang

very useful tool. It can save a lot of my debugging time.

26 Aug 2005 A H

Very good indeed

11 Jun 2005 lyhwus lyhwus

Nice job. Save a lot of time.

20 May 2005 Liam Ellis

What a great time saver.
Really works.
Good instructions.
Thank you.

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