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Eric Ludlam (view profile)


19 Sep 2001 (Updated )

Volume slice visualization gui

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GUI for manipulating slices and isosurfaces over a volume.
Control over color transparency, contours, and rendering techniques via menus.

Original sliceomatic 1.0 for older versions of MATLAB is in the zip file.


This file inspired Mia 2.5, Mri Brain Segmentation, and Pcolor3.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
Other requirements A good OpenGL hardware card is quite useful.
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Comments and Ratings (64)
18 Aug 2015 SHERRY

SHERRY (view profile)


22 Jul 2015 Rey Kelvin Peralta

I am new in matlab. How do i use sliceomatic? how to install? where in matlab folder do i extract?

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09 Apr 2015 Peng Dai  
05 Mar 2015 Ines

Ines (view profile)

Very useful. Thank you.

I would like to change the color scale of the 3D plot, which normally uses the max,min values of the plotted dataset. I managed to change the range of values in the colorbar by modifying the function "isocontrols.m", however it does not seem to apply to the 3D plot it self.
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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05 Oct 2014 sara

sara (view profile)

it is very helpful

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15 Aug 2014 laura

laura (view profile)

Great application! Just one question: how can I export also the colour bar, e.g. if I want to modify the writings on the figure and save it in .eps format?

13 Feb 2014 jerry

jerry (view profile)

very dramatic contribution!

30 Nov 2013 Rifat

Rifat (view profile)

Very helpful and easy to use application. Just put your 3D grid and you are good to go!

28 Aug 2013 Emmanuel Farhi

Absolutely marvelous contribution.

04 Mar 2013 Sneha Nidhi

Very Helpful

04 Mar 2013 Sneha Nidhi  
29 Jan 2012 zhang zhen


27 Nov 2011 leila

leila (view profile)

How can I see the black voxel in the volume, all the zero-value voxels are invisible! :(, please guide me, thanks.

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26 Jan 2011 felix

felix (view profile)

my variable v equals 50x50x50 dimension with values for each point. I just plotted
the whole sliceomatic tool, which is great-thx a lot-, showed up except my variable v with datas. the dice was empty. did i do smth wrong?

11 Oct 2010 moha soft

i am a bignner

13 Apr 2010 wang ning

??? Undefined function or method 'sliceomatic' for input arguments of type 'uint8'. what's wrong? how to solve it?

ning thanks

25 Mar 2010 Alex Gough  
08 Jan 2010 Jacob Kirkensgaard

I have a problem with sliceomatic on OSX 10.6.2, matlab v. 7.10.0 (R2010a). When I start up the program I am in cursor mode and am able to control the slice buttons etc., but if I go to rotate-mode I can't get back to cursor-mode - the little arrow is simply missing from the annotation toolbar... Or am I missing something?

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20 Dec 2009 Harinee A.S

can anyone tell me how this works.. can we import images in this..

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11 May 2009 Edgar Guevara

Edgar Guevara (view profile)

Really nice job!

10 Feb 2009 poornima

i have some dicom images. can anyone tell me how can i view these dicom images?

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06 Feb 2009 ucd puri

seems nie, i will try to ue it

26 Jan 2009 neftirini isabel

can someone help me, with how do i call it on matlab...i am a new user, and i didnt manage to add it to the toolbox...

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03 Dec 2008 Jim Haras

i have a series of mri silces, dicom files , and i want to import them. is this possible? if so, a little how-to guide would certainly be appreciated.

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30 Aug 2008 Chau Tran Kim


26 Jan 2008 Liu Xuefeng


14 Jan 2008 Ruwan Ranaweera

great work!

21 Apr 2007 andi setiawan

very good

14 Nov 2006 vinay pai  
29 Sep 2006 John Franklin

Fantastic work! This is pretty slick. I was going to complain about the interface taking up too much room, but then I noticed the option to remove interface visibility and the ability to copy to a "clean" figure. Really nice.

29 Sep 2006 Yashavantha BS

very useful tool..

26 Jul 2006 Dinesh Appya

useful tool for volume data

07 Jul 2006 Daniel Simões-Lopes

Althogth it's not bug-free, suits me well!
A very nice GUI application for volume visualization.

11 May 2006 Vinay D

very useful

04 Mar 2006 Matt Crema

Really great interactive tool for quick exploration of volume data.


11 Dec 2005 Nick Clark

FDTD sorry - long day :)

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11 Dec 2005 Nick Clark

This is awsome! Helping me no end with FTDT acoustic simulation

07 Nov 2005 Ibon Bustinduy

An improved version is available here:

Works fine in Matlab 7.1 (In both Windows and Unix OS).

Once downloaded just type
doc sliceomatic to obtain more information.

Thanks A LOT. Eric Ludlam

18 Oct 2005 Mirza Kamaludeen

This is an excellent tool, which can be used to compare results obtained from sterelogy

25 Aug 2005 Larry Velasco

Thanks to the Sliceomatic people.. This software is great, it has helped me a lot for my PHD, where I have been working with FEM aand FDTD ... I now can visualise all my 3D data in a very good way..

Thanks a lot,

29 Jun 2005 Vinay D

Very handy

18 Mar 2005 Jesper Pedersen

I have to re-rate this piece of software. It is fantastic, and in a newer version it is in fact possible to use the actual coordinates of the data.

16 Mar 2005 Jesper Pedersen

Nice GUI and program. However, it is very, very annoying that one cannot use the actual coordinates of the data.

23 Dec 2004 Fu-Sung Wang

I'm impressed by this great demonstration.

23 Nov 2004 Shira Rubin

This is a fantastic tool!
But - how is it possible to use the actual coordinates of the data? This would really make it perfect.

15 Sep 2004 senthil kumar


23 Jul 2004 Krishnakumar Venkateswaran

This is a great tool. Excellent tool for people like me who work on confocal imaging. Works for me without any problem.

23 Jun 2004 Binevia karoly

great but all the time crashes, that's unbeliveble, the author should try harder...

05 May 2004 Torbjørn Hergum

A great tool - for as long as it works. It frequently crashes matlab with a "segmentation fault". I'm running matlab on Linux RedHat 9.

07 Feb 2004 Andreas Loesch

Great :)
one wish: show the gradient in the field (quiverplot or something like that)

@Jimmy -> the right mouse button on the Arrow is your frient

29 Dec 2003 Jimmy Pagel

Great code!
just one request: can you please add a way
to remove a slice as well.

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09 Oct 2003 Marco Cannella

Fantastic. You can analize 3D data in a fast and simple way.

01 Oct 2003 Gordon Cooper

This is excellent ! We have incorporated it into our geophysics teaching.

27 Jun 2003 Adam van Eekeren

Nice tool to look at 3D-data!
Only one concern: it is possible to place a slice controller outside a doing that, it is not possible to remove it anymore!

10 Apr 2003 Dhaval Shah

very good tool.

13 Jan 2003 maurizio fedi

Fantastic tool to manage 3D data.
only a problem: why one cannot use actual coordinates?

09 Dec 2002 Peter Kraal

very nice tool! very handy for soil profiles I must say. too bad axis dimensions are hard to edit. tip: for good isosurfaces, replace all 'unwanted' values with the same value.

09 Aug 2002  
26 Mar 2002 Chris

A VERY nice tool for quickly surveying a 3-d dataset.
I found the interface intuitive as well. One question though...Am I missing a way to remove slices from the display once they are created?

30 Jan 2002 G

excellent, especially due to lack of alternatives.

19 Jan 2002  
26 Nov 2001 Evan Westwood

Excellent way to look at 3-D data and a great template for learning about how to image 3-D data in Matlab. Note that right-clicking on arrows or surfaces to get the contextmenu options only works if you have nothing checked in the uppermost section of the figure's Tools menu.

25 Nov 2001 James Halmer

I dont understand it

20 Sep 2001 Peter Volegov  
10 Dec 2002

New version

13 Dec 2002

New version

18 Nov 2008 1.1

Miscellaneous bug fixes

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