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13 Jun 2005 (Updated )

Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons...

function angles2d
%ANGLES2D  Description of functions for manipulating angles
%   Angles are normalized in an interval of width 2*PI. Most geom2d
%   functions return results in the [0 2*pi] interval, but it can be
%   convenient to consider the [-pi pi] interval as well. See the
%   normalizeAngle function to switch between conventions.
%   Angles are usually oriented. The default orientation is the CCW
%   (Counter-Clockwise) orientation.
%   See also:
%   normalizeAngle, angleDiff, angleAbsDiff, angleSort
%   angle2Points, angle3Points, vectorAngle, lineAngle, edgeAngle
%   deg2rad, rad2deg
% ------
% Author: David Legland
% e-mail:
% Created: 2010-03-31,    using Matlab (R2007a)
% Copyright 2010 INRA - Cepia Software Platform.


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