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M- file for Audio spectral analysis

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audio analyser

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The file is written for MATLAB 6.5 it aquires data from the sound card . Fourier spectral power analysis one second of audio signal sample is analyzed by simply running the M-file. The frequency contents of the voice analyzed are shown of a plot. I have used this program to compare voice qualities of many music starssome proved realy as good as they claim others didn't. the property to look for on the plot is the number of peeks, the frequency spacing between peeks, their relative amplitude ratios. for good sopanos higher frequency contents has to large

Comments and Ratings (11)

cong wang

watheq elias

very good

enver bay?nd?rl?

very good thanx

atta alhamdani

this program is very good and we can develop it to use in control system fields

salwan alhealy

vary good

salwan alhealy

vary good file

Ahmed Abdelgawad

It is very good

Changjiang He

kshitiz joshi

a good attempt

Dr Alon Konchitsky

This audio analyser is a nice coded file that works as a good starting point for spectral analysis of voice.

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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