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Freehand Contour Drawing

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Draw freehand a contour.

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Draw freehand a contour in alternate blue/yellow color to be visible on top of various pictures and get a set of X,Y coordinates of all the contour pixels

requires to open figure first and put "hold on"

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Imran Shah

I am new to matlab. one request to the author: please provide demo or example file.


Nasser (view profile)

@bibek dash : I can not draw "anything".
@ All: I click and drag to write something but all it shows is a polygon. What to do to write "N" in the figure.

Peter Grey

extremely useful elegant piece

Joseph Marks

It is very good.

A few "nits":
In the help for the function, it implies a non-existant argument, x,which should be cleaned up.

Also, I personally dislike the "convhull" that redoes what is drawn "freehand" ; I removed it, but this wasn't completely trivial.

None-the-less, a really, really, great GUI file!

These comments are my own and not my organization's.

dave holden


Obstul Zadom-bei

has to be a part of stadard distribution

solomon benti

give me hint how to be good sketching

bibek dash

free hand drawing

Nick Valuy

very usefull routine for variety of applications

David perez

really good

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MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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