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Enhanced dialog box for folder browsing.



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This enhancement allows the user to:

1. browse using "copy-paste"
2. create a new folder from this dialog

UIBROWSEFORFOLDER Standard Windows browse for folder dialog box.

folder = uibrowseforfolder( title_str, initial_path )

Output: folder = selected folder (empty string if dialog cancelled)
Inputs: title_str = title string (OPTIONAL)
initial_path = initial path (OPTIONAL, defaults to PWD)

Examples: folder = uibrowseforfolder - default title and initial path
folder = uibrowseforfolder('Select results folder') - default initial path
folder = uibrowseforfolder([], 'C:\Program Files') - with no title

1. using mex function browseforfolder.dll
2. credit for "C++" code goes to Armen Hakobyan code taken from "The Code Project" at:
3. converted to matlab mex file by Ohad Gal.

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Spencer Chen

Matlab R12 complains about missind DLLs in Win95.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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