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progbar.m: general purpose progress bar for MATLAB

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This is a script based progress bar for MATLAB, simple usage is very simple, more complex usage is available. multiple instances no problem.

NOTE: special consideration has been given to not slowing down your hyper-optimised loops, so you should find this better than the sort of progress bar you get for free in a box of cereal.

NOTE: updated 12/05/2010 to be even better (twice as good) at not slowing down your loops. i think i really need to get a life.

typical usage:
info.title='hard work';
for n=1:1000
  % do hard work here...

Comments and Ratings (15)

Eric Li

w sq

w sq (view profile)

I have a qustion about progress bar. I wanna read a file and display a time-consum progress bar under it, but i cann't estimate how much time it used. So how do you know the percentage?



Nate Hough

beautiful, works like a charm. simple but useful.

Pedro Antoranz

Very useful and easy to call

Rialland Stephane

Simple use and excellent.

Rajeev Madazhy

good tool....

James Goodwin

Great tool. Useful for long calculations where your not sure how far matlab has got!

altug bicak

great work

Uri Perets

Exelent tool, easy for use. Just one problem, in R13 it don't recongnise color codes.

Philippe Lagueux

Worked perfectly and easily. However, does not recognize color codes such as 'r' (red==>[1 0 0]) with version 6.5 R13

Chris St. Jean

Worked perfectly without modification. Thanks!

Edo Becker

very nice tool, needs modification for windows 2000 and Matlab 6.1

Yuval Cohen

Did not work properly under Matlab 6.0 and Windows XP
To fix the problem, replace lines 122-127 with:


Marc Schurr



slight appearance upgrade


Improved performance (twice as fast) in tight loops (inspired by comments from Bob Bemis).

Fixed XP issue. Now works properly under XP/v6.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired: progressbar, DICOM server connection

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