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Implementation of md5 Algorithm Occupying Less Memory and takes only 1.35 seconds

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In this algorithm constant datas are created by logic thus occupies less memory.



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this is very simple and useful for who wants to save memory

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md5 algorithm

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Besides 'tarr' there are also undefined calls to 'calculate_new_md5', 'updateH', 'cls' and 'bin2dec2'. Finally there is no MD5 calculation included at all in this submission. But some of the missing functions can be found in:
But the functions found there do not calculate an MD5 sum also.
Free of meaningful comments, no help, does not work.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Lokesh Jain

Meena CS

what is tarr(), it throws an error - Undefined function or method 'tarr'


Thomas (view profile)

What is 'tarr()' in your script?

Mathews Vincent

stefan john

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