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Rayleigh Fading Channel Simulation

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Rayleigh Fading Channel Simulation


Ali Jamoos (view profile)


04 Dec 2005 (Updated )

Generates Rayleigh fading processes based on autoregressive models.

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This MATLAB function can be used to generate time-varying Rayleigh fading channels based on autoregressive models according to the work proposed by Kareem E. Baddour: "Autoregressive modeling for fading channel simulation," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, July 2005.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (60)
05 Nov 2016 Moqbel Hamood

13 Oct 2015 tareq yacoub

21 Jul 2014 Rita

Rita (view profile)

Thank you for your code. It seems very helpfull. Would you please do me a favor and let me know how can I run it? Unfortunately I can not run it with the example that you have provided in it.

18 Jun 2014 MUSLIYADI

27 May 2014 Marry RH

How can I get this code?

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20 May 2014 mahmoud nagieb


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22 Apr 2014 mohammed


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15 Feb 2014 omar

omar (view profile)

04 Jun 2013 Mohit

Mohit (view profile)

The program was very helpfull for me. But kindly help me regarding the purpose of introducing "kkk" in the program. I dont understand why it was incorporated in program.

30 Nov 2012 Maria

Maria (view profile)

How can I take this file?

18 Nov 2012 Anas

Anas (view profile)

23 Sep 2011 Nguyen Ngoc Minh


12 Sep 2011 aristide ngabo

Is it possible that you send me Matlab codes for convolutional coding for QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM With Rayleigh fading channel.

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12 Sep 2011 Gledi

Gledi (view profile)

Thanks ;)

15 Aug 2011 chinna veeresh

while executing this program i am getting an error as follow...
??? Maximum recursion limit of 500 reached. Use set(0,'RecursionLimit',N)
to change the limit. Be aware that exceeding your available stack space can
crash MATLAB and/or your computer.
please help me

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07 Jun 2011 Tanu Agrawal

04 Sep 2010 Tang Shuiyi

Very helpful for me

01 Feb 2010 AKshay

AKshay (view profile)

Rayleigh_fading at 13
for p=1:P+1
M gettin tis error..Wat shud I do to execute tis code...???

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22 Aug 2008 nana yaw

13 Jul 2008 ashok kumar

12 Jun 2008 solo john

08 Jun 2008 lim jinsoo


02 Jun 2008 bensalem fateh

télécharge une programme avec matleb sur générat canal reglie fading

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13 May 2008 ing-kang jeon

i want to see the file

12 May 2008 ashok kumar

will help in completing the end to end simulation

12 May 2008 JH Lee


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26 Apr 2008 tian feng

I want to see the file

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10 Apr 2008 Richard Foster

05 Apr 2008 ikhwan jamil


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01 Mar 2008 oluwasegun odewale


21 Feb 2008 smriti trivedi


24 Nov 2007 sakir hossain


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02 Nov 2007 WANIS Abdulhadi

simulation inflat fading in wreless systeme MIMO

20 Oct 2007 Guru moorthy

Thanks . Wonderful reproduction of the cited IEEE paper. That too its output variance is normalised to one!!.. Great!

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23 Sep 2007 Pak Yubo

This is what I have been looking for. Thanks a lot!

04 Sep 2007 Wu Li


29 Aug 2007 Quan Hieu Huynh

It is good, thanks!

15 Aug 2007 Ali Ahmed

need improvement

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14 Aug 2007 xiao yu


Comment only
20 Jul 2007 xj x

09 Jul 2007 mohamed elshamy

i am interest in mobile communication

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09 Jul 2007 mohamed elshamy

23 May 2007 pingping lin

very goood

17 Apr 2007 wang yang


07 Apr 2007 Dinh Hieu

28 Feb 2007 tushar singh

18 Feb 2007 Magdi H

For small bandwidth such as fm/fs << 1e-3 (e.g. f=10,fs=3000KHz), the paper said to also include a simple interpolation. Otherwise code seems stable

17 Jan 2007 wenqi ZENG

I found the program will not function well when fm/fs is very small. for example:
fm = 10 Hz and fs = 3000 KHz. According to the paper, the epselonn should be 1e-5, the Rayleigh envelope will has un-expected noise

10 Jan 2007 Lye Chow

??? Input argument "P" is undefined.

Error in ==> Rayleigh_fading at 16
for p=1:P+1

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04 Jan 2007 amjad almaghrabi

no comment

12 Dec 2006 Ajay Dhingra

can it be used directly to generate the correlated rayleigh fading channels or it generates only the real or imaginary part, when you pass arguments such as order, no. of samples,fm, fs,epsilon. Kindly reply.

30 Sep 2006 Ming Li

??? Input argument "P" is undefined.

Error in ==> Rayleigh_fading at 12
for p=1:P+1

20 Sep 2006 Sangar Kadr

17 Sep 2006 MOHD ATTA


15 Jun 2006 Zhihong Rao

I am doing research focus on wireless channel simulation.

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26 May 2006 Akmal Fayziyev

Very usefull Matlab Code

16 May 2006 Ala Diab

did not use any of the proposed startup procedures to achieve data stationarity!!

01 Feb 2006 r r

18 Jan 2006 shen cheng

Excellent Matlab code for Rayleigh fading simulation

02 Jan 2006 BA SS

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