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Performs basic formatting of a plot with a single GUI.



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Call similar to plot for basic formatting.
This GUI allows the user to toggle between and easily change features of a plot, including:
title, x&y labels, plot scale, axes limits, fonts, line colors, line width, line style, marker properties, box and grid, and legends. After the user is finished formatting, a stand-alone, resizeable figure can be created for more advanced formatting. Perfect for beginners or those who can never remember the name of properties or those not comfortable with handle graphics.
See picture. Please read the help before using.

Created with R2007a

Email me if bugs are found, thanks.

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Amr (view profile)


Nitika (view profile)

Very helpful for saving time.
Suggestions: you could also add options for grid color, box line width etc.

Brian G

John D'Errico

At first I was not really that sure what this offered. But I'm not the intended user of this tool. It is targeted at the novice to intermediate level user, offering a wide variety of formatting choices no farther away than a mouse click. No bugs, no problems that I saw, a simple interface. Good job.

Robert Young

Very simple and works well.

matt fig (author)

There were 2 minor bugs found in the first version. I fixed both of them, and they show up under 'Changes' (below), but the server is still passing out the unchanged version. I will try again in a day or so, but if you are having probs like those described in 'Changes', I will email the new version to you. Thanks.

chen wong

Thanks you. It help me.



Updated some of the coding, got rid of frames, used uipanels.

The last updates didn't work... I don't know why.

Plot would not work if more than 12 lines were plotted. Now fixed.

Bug fix. The GUI wasn't displaying the correct linestyle when a line was clicked on.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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