Computer Vision Made Easy

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Avinash Nehemiah, MathWorks

In this introductory webinar you will learn how to use computer vision algorithms to solve real world imaging problems. Computer vision uses images and video to detect, classify, and track objects or events in order to understand a real-world scene.
You will discover how to:

  • Find moving objects in video
  • Analyze the motion of objects
  • Detect and locate faces in images and video
  • Track a single object over many frames of video

We will demonstrate key features through real world examples including:

  • Analyzing the flow of traffic using motion analysis
  • Using a person’s movements to interact with a computer
  • Locating an object in a cluttered scene

This webinar assumes some experience with MATLAB and no experience with computer vision. We will focus on the Computer Vision System Toolbox.

View example code from the webinar here:

About the Presenter: Avinash Nehemiah works on computer vision applications in technical marketing at MathWorks. Prior to joining MathWorks he spent 7 years as an algorithm developer and researcher designing computer vision algorithms for hospital safety and video surveillance. He holds an MSEE degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Product Focus

  • Computer Vision System Toolbox

Recorded: 6 Mar 2014