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Teaching with MATLAB


MATLAB is rooted in education, historically enabling students to implement, evaluate, and explore their understanding of course concepts. To continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for graduates with strong technical and problem-solving skills, MathWorks has developed several cloud-based tools to afford instructors and students anytime, anywhere access to their course content. In this webinar, you will learn how these tools fit together to support your course development and delivery workflow, and how to enlist their immediate use in the classroom. 

We will discuss how to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by:

  • Challenging students using real-world problems with hardware, IoT, MATLAB Online, and Simulink
  • Empowering students to take ownership of their own learning with self-paced courses, MATLAB Apps, and interactive programming using Live Scripts
  • Mentoring students at scale with automated assessment and feedback in MATLAB Grader
  • Connecting students with the community by participating in student competitions and the MATLAB-user community

Who Should Attend

All are welcome but this session would be most useful for Faculty, Teaching Assistants, and Staff.  No prior experience necessary.  Optional free introductory MATLAB Onramp Training here.

About the Presenter

Harish Chintakunta got his PhD in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2013.  He did a brief stint as post-doc, he supervised graduate students and collaborated with faculty in several fields on application of topological data analysis.  The next phase of his career saw him join Florida Polytechnic University in 2016 as an assistant professor in ECE. When Harish joined FPU, it was a new startup poised to become a teaching focused University. As a faculty there, Harish taught 11 courses (including DSP and Digi Comm), helped design and establish a curriculum, and assisted with ABET accreditation for the EE and CE programs.   Harish is passionate about bringing innovative and effective teaching methods to STEM disciplines in order to promote computational thinking. As a Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks, his role is to collaborate with faculty to support their research and teaching goals.

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