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The Space Innovation Race: Insights from Startups and Ecosystem Partners


The space industry is growing at a dramatic pace. A dynamic blend of government entities, major aerospace firms, and pioneering entrepreneurs are racing to capitalize on new orbital opportunities. Startups are looking to change the way we reach space and how we operate once there. According to Reuters, global funding in space companies totaled $17.9 billion in 2023, a figure expected to rise in 2024.

These innovators are solving big problems, dramatically increasing our capability to operate in Earth orbit, cislunar space and the surface of the Moon, and addressing generational challenges such as climate monitoring and space debris management. This surge of innovation is supported by a network of ecosystem partnerships, including governmental bodies and incubator initiatives.

We’re excited to bring together leaders from space startups and ecosystem partners to discuss:

  • The anticipated evolution of the space tech startup ecosystem over the coming decade.
  • Challenges the ecosystem foresees in reaching these milestones.
  • How Investment and funding are being directed to support space startups.
  • The role of partnerships in empowering space startups. 

Who Should Attend

Startups and entrepreneurs involved in the space industry

Accelerator, incubator, and ecosystem partners supporting startup companies

Investors looking for insights on how startups are anticipating technology advancements over the next decade

About the Presenter

AyJay Lasater – Co-Founder and CTO / Albedo Space

Kevin Stadnyk - Co-founder and CEO / Obruta Space Solutions

Molly Cernicek - Entrepreneur Programs Strategy & Coordination / Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM Lab Embedded Entrepreneur Program

Ossi Saarela – Space Industry Manager / MathWorks (Moderator)

Product Focus

The Space Innovation Race: Insights from Startups and Ecosystem Partners

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