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Going Beyond the Electrical in Modelling Energy Storage Systems

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14 May 2024, 09:00 EDT 14 May 2024, 10:00 EDT


Energy storage is one of the key enabling technologies in the electrification of systems. It is applicable at all scales, from power grid and renewable energy storage solutions down to the ubiquitous presence of batteries in consumer electronic devices.

Modelling the electrical dynamics of individual battery cells and how differences at the cell level interact at the module and pack level is a critical step in ensuring the safe and performant operation of these systems. Issues such as thermal management can also have a major impact on a whole system’s performance, with product requirements extending beyond pure electrical modelling.

In this talk, Tom Grimble, Application Engineer at MathWorks will share different approaches to modelling battery systems that can accelerate the design of packs and control systems. The methods discussed will help engineers better understand common challenges and constraints when integrating energy storage into wider systems.

Tools enabling multiphysics simulation of complex system interactions will also be discussed, including examples of how similar modelling approaches are applicable to a wide range of other energy storage technologies such as fuel cells and flow batteries.


  • Understand the pivotal role of energy storage across various scales, from power grids to consumer devices.
  • Learn critical steps in modeling battery systems to ensure safe and efficient operation, including addressing challenges like thermal management.
  • Explore tools for multiphysics simulation, gaining insights into modeling approaches applicable to a wide range of energy storage technologies beyond batteries.

About the Presenter

Tom Grimble is an Application Engineer at MathWorks. He joined MathWorks in 2021 and specializes in physical modelling of systems with Simscape with a particular focus on fluid mechanics and thermodynamic applications. Before joining MathWorks, Tom worked at Dyson specializing in multiphase fluid dynamics and he has a MEng and PhD from the University of Cambridge where he studied unstable fluid flows and acoustics.

Product Focus

Going Beyond the Electrical in Modelling Energy Storage Systems

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