Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

Multidomain Schematics

Quickly assemble models spanning multiple domains. The equations for the network of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other components are derived automatically.

Comprehensive Libraries

Draw from thousands of components covering many physical domains and fidelity levels. The libraries include resistors, valves, electric drives, transmissions, and heat exchangers.

Intuitive Modeling Language

Create components that match the behavior of your system. Define implicit equations using a syntax based on MATLAB that includes continuous variables and discrete events.

Efficient Simulation

Simscape formulates the equations for your entire physical system. Symbolic manipulation, index reduction, and specialized solvers are used for desktop and real-time simulation.

Insightful Analysis

Navigate between plots of results and the model to investigate the causes of the behavior you observe. Identify adjustments that can speed up your simulation.

Model Deployment

Convert your Simscape model to C code to test control algorithms using HIL tests on dSPACE®, Speedgoat, OPAL-RT, and other real-time systems.

Simscape Product Family

Add support for 3D mechanical simulation, three-phase electrical networks, and other capabilities. Create an accurate model with the latest data from hardware designers.

MATLAB and Simulink

Use MATLAB to automate tasks such as model assembly, testing, and post-processing. Use Simulink to integrate control algorithms and hardware design in a single environment.

From Research To Production

Simscape models help you refine requirements, design control systems, test embedded controllers, and support in-service operation as a digital twin.

Simscape Product Family

The Simscape product family provides models and solver technology for simulating physical systems. Model electrical, mechanical, fluid, and other physical systems by assembling components into a schematic.


Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

Simscape Electrical

Model and simulate electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power systems

Simscape Battery

Design and simulate battery and energy storage systems

Simscape Fluids

Model and simulate fluid systems

Simscape Driveline

Model and simulate rotational and translational mechanical systems

Simscape Multibody

Model and simulate multibody mechanical systems

“With Simulink and Simscape Electrical, I don’t have to write more code to numerically solve systems of equations. I build the custom blocks, connect them graphically, and let the solver do its work. The NASA engineers I work with like the Simscape models, because the models are more intuitive than low-level code.”

Hector Hernandez, Lockheed Martin

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