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Next Generation Aerospace Series

The Next Generation of Aerospace Programs go beyond individual system design to cover complex Systems of Systems. Efficient ways of collaboration among entities are crucial for these programs to be successful. Common Working Environments, including tools and methods, will enable collaboration and artefact exchange at different abstraction levels within all stages in the development lifecycle. This is, covering from mission to component design.

This year, MathWorks is looking at the new challenges for Next Generation Aerospace Programs by offering a specific series of talks, to learn how to accelerate innovation, design, and performance beyond individual system design.

Date Topic  
February 10th Design and Simulation of Autonomous and Unmanned Aerial Systems Watch Video (31:35)
March 15th Human Machine Collaboration in Aircraft Systems Watch Video (42:46)
April 7th Collaborative Simulation and Integration Environments Watch Video (23:45)
May 5th Radar Sensor Development Watch Video (41:05)
June 9th Model-based design for Airworthiness Security Compliance Watch Video (38:51)
July 6th Digital Engineering for System of Systems Design Watch Video (29:00)
July 21st How Data Processing Can Enhance Your System Over Its Lifecycle Watch Video (36:46)
Next Generation Aerospace Series