Simulink Embedded Hardware

What Is Simulink Embedded Hardware?

With Simulink®, you can design algorithms and models, and run them on low-cost embedded hardware including Arduino®, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT™ and EV3™, and Raspberry Pi®. Design for a range of embedded hardware applications such as control systems, robotics, audio processing, and computer vision. Simulink support for low-cost embedded hardware is also available in student and home-use versions.

Simulink support for embedded hardware includes:

  • Automated installation and configuration
  • Libraries of Simulink blocks that connect to I/O ports, sensors, and actuators
  • Streamlined workflows for designing, building, and executing algorithms on supported embedded hardware
  • Direct communication between Simulink and the embedded hardware
  • Interactive parameter tuning and signal monitoring of your application as it runs on the embedded hardware
  • Model deployment for standalone operation

See also: modeling and simulation, robot programming, mechatronics, control systems, image processing and computer vision, embedded code generation, hardware for project-based learning, cyber-physical systems