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Calculate resonant frequency of antenna

Since R2023b



fR = resonantFrequency(aiant) calculates the resonant frequency of the antenna for current values of the tunable properties.


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This example shows how to create an AI model based microstrip patch antenna operating at 1.67GHz, and calculate its bandwidth and resonant frequency.

Create AI Model based Microstrip Patch Antenna

Use the design function with ForAI flag set to true to create an AI model based microstrip patch antenna operating at 1.67 GHz.

pAI = design(patchMicrostrip,1.67e9,ForAI=true)
pAI = 
  AIAntenna with properties:

   Antenna Info
               AntennaType: 'patchMicrostrip'
    InitialDesignFrequency: 1.6700e+09

   Tunable Parameters
                    Length: 0.0862
                     Width: 0.1122
                    Height: 0.0018

Show read-only properties

Vary its length and width.

pAI.Length = 0.0855;
pAI.Width = 0.113;

Analyze Microstrip Patch Antenna

Calculate its bandwidth and its lower and upper bounds.

[absBW,fL,fU,matchingStatus] = bandwidth(pAI)
absBW = 2.3422e+07
fL = 1.6679e+09
fU = 1.6913e+09
matchingStatus = categorical

Calculate its resonant frequency.

fR = resonantFrequency(pAI)
fR = 1.7016e+09

Convert the AIAntenna to a regular microstrip patch antenna.

pm = exportAntenna(pAI)
pm = 
  patchMicrostrip with properties:

               Length: 0.0855
                Width: 0.1130
               Height: 0.0018
            Substrate: [1×1 dielectric]
    GroundPlaneLength: 0.1795
     GroundPlaneWidth: 0.1795
    PatchCenterOffset: [0 0]
           FeedOffset: [0.0181 0]
            Conductor: [1×1 metal]
                 Tilt: 0
             TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                 Load: [1×1 lumpedElement]

Input Arguments

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AI-based antenna, specified as an AIAntenna object created using the design function.

Example: design(patchMicrostrip,1.67e9,ForAI=true).

Output Arguments

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Resonant frequency of the antenna for current values of tunable properties, returned as a scalar in Hertz.

Example: 6.1104e9

Version History

Introduced in R2023b