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Source Coding

Format signals for processing

Communications Toolbox™ contains System objects, blocks, and functions to apply various source coding to format signals according to representative partitions, specific codebook mapping, compressing, expanding, companding, and quantization.


arithdecoDecode binary code using arithmetic decoding
arithencoEncode sequence of symbols using arithmetic coding
compandSource code mu-law or A-law compressor or expander
dpcmdecoDecode using differential pulse code modulation
dpcmencoEncode using differential pulse code modulation
dpcmoptOptimize differential pulse code modulation parameters
huffmandecoHuffman decoder
huffmandictGenerate Huffman code dictionary for source with known probability model
huffmanencoHuffman encoder
lloydsOptimize quantization parameters using Lloyd algorithm
quantizProduce quantization index and quantized output value


comm.DifferentialDecoderDecode binary signal using differential decoding
comm.DifferentialEncoderEncode binary signal using differential coding


A-Law CompressorImplement A-law compressor for source coding
A-Law ExpanderImplement A-law expander for source coding
Differential DecoderDecode binary signal using differential coding
Differential EncoderEncode binary signal using differential coding
Mu-Law CompressorImplement µ-law compressor for source coding
Mu-Law ExpanderImplement µ-law expander for source coding
Quantizing DecoderDecode quantization index according to codebook
Quantizing EncoderQuantize signal using partition and codebook


Source Coding

Scalar quantization is a process that maps all inputs within a specified range to a common value.

Arithmetic Coding

Arithmetic coding offers a way to compress data and can be useful for data sources having a small alphabet.

Compand a Signal

In certain applications, such as speech processing, it is common to use a logarithm computation, called a compressor, before quantizing.

Differential Pulse Code Modulation

Learn about differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) and how it is used as a predictive quantization method

Huffman Coding

Learn how to apply Huffman coding to your data


Scalar quantization is a process that maps all inputs within a specified range to a common value.