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Multichannel Audio Input and Output

Acquire multichannel audio data and generate signals with Windows® sound cards

Before you use audio channels, see Supported Hardware.

To learn how to create a session and acquire or generate multichannel audio, see the Multichannel Audio Input and Output Workflow .


addAudioInputChannelAdd audio input channel to session
addAudioOutputChannelAdd audio output channel to session
startForegroundStart foreground operations
startBackgroundStart background operations
removeChannelRemove channel from session object
stopStop background operation
waitBlock MATLAB until background operation completes


RangeSpecify channel measurement range
NameSpecify descriptive name for the channel
IDID of channel in session
DeviceChannel device information
MeasurementTypeChannel measurement type


Multichannel Audio Input and Output

Acquire and generate audio signals using one or more device channels

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