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Undo database changes




rollback(conn) reverses changes made to a database using datainsert, fastinsert, insert, or update via the database connection conn. The rollback function reverses all changes made since the last COMMIT or ROLLBACK operation. To use rollback, the AutoCommit flag for conn must be off.


If the database engine is not InnoDB, rollback does not roll back data in MySQL® databases.


  1. Ensure that the AutoCommit flag for connection conn is off by running:

    ans =
  2. Insert data contained in exdata into the columns DEPTNO, DNAME, and LOC, in the table DEPT, for the data source conn.

  3. Roll back the data exdata that you inserted into the database by running:


    The database contains the original data present before running datainsert.


For ODBC connections, you can use the rollback function with the native ODBC interface. For details, see database.

Introduced before R2006a