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Import Boolean Data from Database

Import Boolean data from a database table into the MATLAB® workspace. MATLAB® imports Boolean data from databases into the MATLAB® workspace as data type logical. This data has values of true or false. You can store Boolean data in a table, structure, or cell array. Perform a simple data analysis on the imported data.

The code assumes that you have a database table Invoice stored in a Microsoft® SQL Server® database. Here, connect to a Microsoft® SQL Server® Version 11.00.2100 database using the Microsoft® SQL Server® Driver 11.00.5058.

Create Database Connection

Create a database connection to a Microsoft® SQL Server® database with Windows® authentication. Specify a blank user name and password.

datasource = 'MS SQL Server Auth';
conn = database(datasource,'','');

Import Boolean Data

Select the paid data from the Invoice table using an SQL SELECT statement. The database stores paid data as a Boolean to specify whether or not an invoice has been paid. Import and display the data using the select function.

selectquery = 'SELECT Paid FROM Invoice';
data = select(conn,selectquery)
data =

  10×1 table



Database Toolbox™ imports the data into the workspace variable data. The MATLAB® table data contains Paid as a logical variable.

Perform Data Analysis

Count the number of unpaid invoices.

unpaid = data.Paid == false;
ans =


Close Database Connection


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