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Current, intraday, historical, real-time, and news data from Money.Net

For a simple example about retrieving Money.Net data, see Retrieve Current and Historical Money.Net Data.


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moneynetCreate Money.Net connection
closeClose Money.Net connection
isconnectionDetermine if Money.Net connection is valid
getdataRetrieve Money.Net current data
getsubscriptionsRetrieve Money.Net subscribed symbols and event handler functions
newsSearch and stream Money.Net latest news stories
optionchainRetrieve Money.Net option symbols
realtimeRetrieve Money.Net real-time data
stopUnsubscribe Money.Net real-time data updates
timeseriesRetrieve Money.Net intraday and historical data


Retrieve Current and Historical Money.Net Data

Connect to Money.Net and retrieve current and historical data for symbols and option symbols.

Retrieve Real-Time Money.Net Data

Connect to Money.Net and retrieve real-time Money.Net data using the default and custom event handler functions.

Retrieve Money.Net News Stories

Connect to Money.Net and search for news stories or stream news stories in real time.


Money.Net Error and Warning Messages

Troubleshoot Money.Net connection errors or data retrieval warnings.