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Retrieve Bloomberg Real-Time Data Using Bloomberg Desktop C++ Interface

This example shows how to retrieve real-time data from Bloomberg®. Here, to display Bloomberg stock tick data at the command line, use the event handler disp. Instead of the default event handler, you can create your own event handler function to process Bloomberg data.

Connect to Bloomberg

Create the Bloomberg connection using the Bloomberg Desktop C++ interface.

c = bloomberg;

Validate the Bloomberg connection.

v = isconnection(c)
v =


v returns true showing that the Bloomberg connection is valid.

Retrieve Real-Time Data

Retrieve the last price and volume for IBM® and Ford Motor Company® securities.

[~,t] = realtime(c,{'IBM US Equity','F US Equity'}, ...
t = 

   Timer Object: timer-4

   Timer Settings
      ExecutionMode: fixedRate
             Period: 0.05
           BusyMode: drop
            Running: off

           TimerFcn: 1x5 cell array
           ErrorFcn: ''
           StartFcn: ''
            StopFcn: ''

Columns 1 through 6

    {'SecurityID' }    {'LAST_PRICE'}    {'SecurityID' }    {'VOLUME'  }    {'SecurityID'   }    {'LAST_PRICE'}
    {'F US Equity'}    {'8.960000'  }    {'F US Equity'}    {'13423731'}    {'IBM US Equity'}    {'118.490000'}

  Columns 7 through 8

    {'SecurityID'   }    {'VOLUME'}
    {'IBM US Equity'}    {'744066'}

realtime returns the MATLAB® timer object with its properties. Then, realtime returns the stock tick data for the IBM and Ford Motor Company securities with the last price and volume.

Stop the display of real-time data.


Close Bloomberg Connection


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