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Wind Data Feed Services (WDS)

Access market data and manage orders through Wind Financial Terminal

Datafeed Toolbox™ enables you to retrieve Wind Data Feed Services (WDS) data using a WDS connection. WDS provides data from The Wind Information Co., Ltd. Using the WDS connection, you can interact with the Wind Financial Terminal by retrieving data and managing orders. For details about WDS, see Wind Data Feed Services (WDS).

You can request current, historical, intraday, and real-time market data. Also, you can create and delete orders by logging in to the WDS order management system. After creating an order, you can retrieve information about the order and other account information.


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windWDS connection
closeClose WDS connection
getdataCurrent WDS data
historyHistorical WDS data
timeseriesIntraday tick WDS data
realtimeSnapshot and subscription WDS data
stopCancel subscription WDS data request
createorderCreate WDS order
deleteorderCancel WDS order
queryQuery WDS account and order information
tradeloginLog in to WDS order management system
tradelogoutLog out from WDS order management system