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Get number of stages in filter cascade



getNumStages(FC) returns the number of stages in the dsp.FilterCascade object, FC.


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This example shows how to query the number of stages in a filter cascade.

Create a filter cascade with two stages and call getNumStages on the cascade object.

    FC = cascade(dsp.FIRFilter,dsp.IIRFilter)
FC = 
  dsp.FilterCascade with properties:

         Stage1: [1x1 dsp.FIRFilter]
         Stage2: [1x1 dsp.IIRFilter]
    CloneStages: true

    FCstages = getNumStages(FC)
FCstages = 2

Input Arguments

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Filter cascade, specified as a dsp.FilterCascade System object.

Version History

Introduced in R2014b