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Configure a Model for Texas Instruments Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad

Configure a Simulink® model to deploy to the Texas Instruments® Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad hardware board.

  1. Open an existing Simulink model, such as arm_cortex_r_gettingstarted, or create a new model.

  2. On the Apps tab, in the Setup to Run on Hardware group, click Run on Hardware Board.

  3. On the Run on Hardware Board pop-up, set Hardware Board to TI Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad. Click Finish.

    Selecting TI Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad automatically sets the System target file parameter for the model to ert.tlc and adds hardware specific parameters to the model configuration parameters. For more information on the hardware board specific parameters added, see Hardware Implementation Pane: ARM Cortex-R Processors.


    You can also select the hardware board in the Configuration Parameters window under Hardware Implementation > Hardware board.

  4. (Optional) To only generate and build code without loading and running on the emulator, on the Hardware tab, select and change Build, Deploy & Start to Build.

  5. Click OK and save the changes to your model.

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