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Existing shared code

Folder that contains shared code to use instead of generated shared utility code

Model Configuration Pane: Code Generation / Interface


The Existing shared code parameter specifies a folder that contains existing shared code that the code generator uses during the build process instead of generated shared utility code.


none (default) | path to shared code folder

Build process uses locally generated shared utility code.

path to shared code folder

Build process uses shared code (see Generate Shared Utility Code) that is available at the path location specified as a character vector. Specify the absolute path or a path relative to the Simulink® preference Code generation folder (CodeGenFolder).

Recommended Settings


No impact

TraceabilityValid MATLAB® variable name

No impact

Safety precaution

No impact

Programmatic Use

Parameter: ExistingSharedCode
Type: character vector
Value: valid MATLAB variable name
Default: none

Version History

Introduced in R2016b