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Cross-Release Support

Integrate generated code from previous releases with generated code from the current release

You can integrate generated C code from previous releases (R2010a and later) with generated code from the current release when the source models are single-rate and the generated C code is from:

  • Top-model or subsystem build processes that use the nonreusable function code interface.

  • Single or multiple instance model reference build processes that suppress error status monitoring.

Use a protected model (single-rate or multirate) from a previous release (R2018b and later) to test numerical equivalence between the protected model and its previously generated code. Generate new code in the current release.

Reduce verification cost by reusing shared utility code from a previous release.


crossReleaseImportImport generated model code from a previous release as SIL or PIL blocks
pil_block_replaceReplace block in model with block from another model
sharedCodeMATLABVersionsManage MATLAB versions for cross-release code integration
sharedCodeUpdateAdd new shared code source files to existing shared code folder