Find and Execute MATLAB Function Using MATLAB Function Wizard

This example shows how to find and execute the triu function using the MATLAB® Function Wizard for Spreadsheet Link™. You can use the Function Wizard to find any MATLAB function.

First, open the MATLAB Function Wizard from Microsoft® Excel®. From the Home tab, select the MATLAB group option MATLAB Function Wizard. Locate the triu MATLAB function, choose the function signature, and then execute it.

Alternatively, you can execute the function in a Microsoft Excel worksheet cell by using Spreadsheet Link function matlabfcn or matlabsub.

List Folders and Function Categories

All folders or categories in the current search path appear in the Select a category field of the MATLAB Function Wizard. Click an entry to select it. Each entry in the list appears as a folder path and a description read from the Contents.m file in that folder. If no Contents.m file is found, the category list displays contains this message:

finance\finsupport -(No table of contents file)

Refresh and Select Category

Click Update to refresh the category list. For details about the search path, see path.

The Select a function field displays a list of available functions for that category. Click the function name you want to execute. For help with the selected function, view the Function Help field.

Select Function Signature and Enter Formula

The Select a function signature field displays available signatures for that function. Click a function signature to select it. The Function Arguments dialog box appears.

Specify the worksheet cell that contains the input argument X. By default, the output of the selected function appears in the current worksheet cell using the Spreadsheet Link function matlabfcn.

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