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Class: coder.SingleConfig
Package: coder

Replace double-precision function with single-precision function during single-precision conversion




addFunctionReplacement(doubleFn,singleFn) specifies a function replacement in a coder.SingleConfig object. During double-precision to single-precision conversion, the conversion process replaces the specified double-precision function with the specified single-precision function. The single-precision function must be in the same folder as the double-precision function or on the MATLAB® path. It is a best practice to provide unique names to local functions that a replacement function calls. If a replacement function calls a local function, do not give that local function the same name as a local function in a different replacement function file.

Input Arguments

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Name of double-precision function, specified as a string.

Name of single-precision function, specified as a string.


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Suppose that:

  • The function myfunc calls a local function myadd.

  • The test function mytest calls myfunc.

  • You want to replace calls to myadd with the single-precision function single_myadd.

Create a coder.SingleConfig object, scfg, with default settings.

scfg = coder.config('single');

Set the test file name. In this example, the test file function name is mytest.

scfg.TestBenchName = 'mytest';

Specify that you want to replace the double-precision function, myadd, with the single-precision function, single_myadd.

scfg.addFunctionReplacement('myadd', 'single_myadd');

Convert the double-precision MATLAB function, myfunc to a single-precision MATLAB function.

convertToSingle -config scfg myfunc

The double-precision to single-precision conversion replaces instances of myadd with single_myadd.

Introduced in R2015b