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Class: FunctionApproximation.LUTMemoryUsageCalculator
Package: FunctionApproximation

Calculate total memory used by lookup table blocks in a model


memory = lutmemoryusage(calculator,model)


memory = lutmemoryusage(calculator,model) calculates the memory used by all lookup table blocks in the specified model.

Input Arguments

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Model containing lookup table blocks, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Table displaying the memory, in bits, used by each lookup table block in the specified model.


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Use the FunctionApproximation.LUTMemoryUsageCalculator class to calculate the total memory used by lookup table blocks in a model.

Create a FunctionApproximation.LUTMemoryUsageCalculator object.

calculator = FunctionApproximation.LUTMemoryUsageCalculator

Use the lutmemoryusage method to get the total memory used by the lookup table blocks in the sldemo_fuelsys model.

lutmemoryusage(calculator, 'sldemo_fuelsys')
ans =

  6×1 table


    sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/airflow_calc/Pumping Constant                                      1516    
    sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/control_logic/Throttle.throttle_estimate/Throttle Estimation       1516    
    sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/control_logic/Speed.speed_estimate/Speed Estimation                1436    
    sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/control_logic/Pressure.map_estimate/Pressure Estimation            1364    
    sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/airflow_calc/Ramp Rate Ki                                           192    
    Total                                                                                               6024    

Introduced in R2018a