Load instantiated HDL design for cosimulation with Cadence Incisive and Simulink


hdlsimulink <instance> [<ncsim_args>]


The hdlsimulink command loads the specified instance of an HDL design for cosimulation and sets up the Cadence Incisive® simulator so it can establish a communication link with Simulink®. The Cadence Incisive simulator opens a simulation workspace into which it loads the HDL design.

This command is issued in the HDL simulator. The communication mode is determined by the call to nclaunch, which must be issued before you call hdlsimulink.



Specifies the instance of an HDL design to load for cosimulation.


Specifies one or more ncsim command arguments. Do not use -GUI, -BATCH, or -TCL. For more information on ncsim arguments, see the description of ncsim in the Cadence Incisive simulator documentation.


The following command loads the module instance parse from library work for cosimulation, sets up the Cadence Incisive simulator so it can establish a communication link with Simulink, and opens a Tcl script shell:

tclshell> hdlsimulink -gui work.parse

Introduced in R2008a