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TCP/IP Socket Ports

When you specify a TCP/IP socket port, choose an available port or service name (alias). If you are uncertain what port is available, use hdldaemon('socket', 0) to get an available port. If you choose a port that is already in use, you will get an error message.

When you set up communication between computers, you must specify the host name as well as the port name on the client side.


<port-num>                 4449
<port-alias>               matlabservice
<host>:<port-num>          compa:4449
<port-alias>@<host-ia>     matlabservice@

Note that TCP/IP port filtering on either the client or server side can cause the HDL Verifier™ interface to fail to make a connection. If you get an error, remove filtering (see OS user guide), or try a different port.

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