Interfile Files

Interfile is a file format that was developed for the exchange of nuclear medicine image data.

An Interfile data set consists of two files:

  • Header file (filename.hdr) — Provides information about dimensions, identification and processing history. You use the interfileinfo function to read the header information.

  • Image file (filename.img) — Image data, whose data type and ordering are described by the header file. You use interfileread to read the image data into the workspace.


The Interfile format uses the same dual-file data set organization and the same file name extensions as the Analyze 7.5 format; however, the file formats are not interchangeable. To learn how to read data from an Analyze 7.5 data set, see Mayo Analyze 7.5 Files.

The following example calls the interfileinfo function to read the metadata from an Interfile header file. The example then reads the image data from the corresponding image file in the Interfile data set. The file used in the example can be downloaded from the Interfile Archive maintained by the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University College, London, UK.

info = interfileinfo('dyna');
X = interfileread('dyna');