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Download and Install MATLAB

You can install MATLAB, Simulink, and accompanying toolboxes and blocksets on your personal computer for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

Sign in to MathWorks Account

To download MathWorks products, you must have a MathWorks Account. Many licenses require you to link your MathWorks Account to that license. During installation, you might also be prompted to sign in to this account to complete the installation process.

  • Students, Staff, and Faculty — If you have a license through your university, college, or other academic institution, sign in or create your MathWorks Account from the MathWorks website using your academic email.

  • Commercial Staff — For employees using a company license, sign in or create a new MathWorks Account from the MathWorks website using your company email address. If your organization manages licenses using a license server, then your IT department might provide you with additional information or files needed to complete the installation.

  • Individuals — If you bought a license or got a trial directly from the MathWorks Store, then sign in to the MathWorks Account you used to purchase the license.

Install Products

From the MathWorks Downloads page, select the release you want to install and the platform of the computer that you are installing on. When the download is complete, follow the instructions for your operating system to complete the installation.

  • Windows — Double-click the downloaded executable and follow the prompts to install products.

  • Linux — Unzip the downloaded installer files and navigate to the unzipped folder. For example, use these commands to unzip the installer for release R20XXy to a folder of the same name and navigate into it.

    unzip -d ./matlab_R20XXy_Linux
    cd ./matlab_R20XXy_Linux

    Then, run the install script.

    xhost +SI:localuser:root
    sudo -H ./install
    xhost -SI:localuser:root

    sudo is required only when you install products to a folder where you do not have write permissions, which might include the default installation folder. The xhost commands are required only when installing products as the root user with sudo. These commands temporarily provide the root user access to the graphical display required to run the installer.

  • macOS — Unzip the downloaded DMG file and double-click it to mount the virtual disk. Then, double-click the executable and follow the prompts to install products. If you installed MATLAB® for macOS Apple silicon, you must also install a Java® runtime on your Mac. To get a compatible runtime, see MATLAB on Apple Silicon Macs.

MATLAB and any additional products you selected are installed to these folders by default.

Operating SystemDefault Installation Folder
WindowsC:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXy

For details on starting MATLAB, see these topics:

If you need to install additional products later, use the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB. On the Home tab and, in the Environment section, click the Add-Ons icon.

To access additional resources for which you are licensed, go to and sign in to your MathWorks Account. Resources include MATLAB Online (access MATLAB from a web browser) and online training (self-paced interactive courses).

Troubleshoot Common Installation Issues

If you have trouble installing MATLAB products, consult these common issues that can come up during the installation process. If you continue to have problems, contact support. Provide any error messages, log files, or screenshots related to the problem in your help request.

Internet Connection Issues

If you lose your internet connection while installing, try rerunning the installer. If you continue to have connection issues, then try one or more of the following:

  • Temporarily disable antivirus software and internet security applications on your computer during installation. These applications can slow the installation process or cause it to appear unresponsive.

  • Create a more reliable internet connection, such as by moving closer to the router or using an Ethernet cable.

For additional suggestions on diagnosing internet connection issues, see Why do I get a connection error when installing or activating MATLAB or other MathWorks products?

tmp Folder Not Large Enough

During installation, the MathWorks® installer temporarily stores files in the tmp folder of your platform. If you get an error that your tmp folder is not large enough to complete the installation, you can change where the installer stores these files. See How can I change the temp directory the MATLAB installer uses?

Licensing Issues

During installation, the license you want to select might not be listed. Alternatively, you might be prompted to enter an Activation Key and not have the option to select a license.

  • If your MathWorks Account is tied to an organization, such as a company or university, then contact your IT department to get the license information needed to complete the installation.

  • If your MathWorks Account is not tied to an organization, then you might need to purchase a new license or get a trial from the MathWorks Store.

MATLAB Does Not Start

If MATLAB does not start up after installation, check that your computer meets the MATLAB system requirements for your platform.

If your system meets the requirements, try following the potential solutions listed in the MATLAB Answer for your platform.

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