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Convert from intrinsic y to latitude coordinates


lat = intrinsicYToLatitude(R,yIntrinsic) returns the latitude of the small circle corresponding to the y-coordinate yIntrinsic in the intrinsic coordinate system, based on the relationship defined by geographic raster R.

Input Arguments

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Geographic raster, specified as a GeographicCellsReference or GeographicPostingsReference object.

y-coordinates in intrinsic coordinate system, specified as a numeric array. yIntrinsic coordinates can be outside the bounds of the raster R.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Latitude coordinates, returned as a numeric array. lat is the same size as yIntrinsic.

When a point has intrinsic y-coordinate outside the bounds of raster R, lat(k) is extrapolated outside the latitude limits. However, when a point extrapolates to a latitude beyond the poles (latitude outside the range [-90, 90] degrees), lat(k) is set to NaN. Elements of yIntrinsic with value NaN map to NaN in lat.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2013b