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Share Apps

To share your app with others, give them the .mlappinstall file. All files you added when you packaged the app are included in the .mlappinstall file. When the recipients install your app, they do not need to be concerned with the MATLAB® path or other installation details. The .mlappinstall file manages that for them.

You can share your app with others by attaching the .mlappinstall file to an email message, or using any other method you typically use to share files.

If you upload your app to MATLAB Central File Exchange, your users can download the app from within MATLAB, as follows:

  1. In MATLAB, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click the Add-Ons arrow button.

  2. Click Get Add-Ons.

  3. Search for your app by name or descriptive text.

Provide instructions on installing your app by referring your users to Install an Add-On Manually.

    Note:   While .mlappinstall files can contain any files you specify, MATLAB Central File Exchange places additional limitations on submissions. Your app cannot be submitted to File Exchange when it contains any of the following:

    • MEX-files

    • Other binary executable files, such as DLLs or ActiveX® controls. (Data and image files are typically acceptable.)

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