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.NET Events and Delegates in MATLAB

Use .NET event callbacks, create and call .NET delegates

A delegate is a way to tell C# which method to call when an event is triggered. An event is a notification by .NET that an action has occurred. These topics show how to use .NET events and delegates in MATLAB®.


BeginInvokeInitiate asynchronous .NET delegate call
EndInvokeRetrieve result of asynchronous call initiated by .NET System.Delegate BeginInvoke method
CombineConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Combine method
RemoveConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Remove method
RemoveAllConvenience function for static .NET System.Delegate RemoveAll method



Limitations to Support of .NET Events

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.

Limitations to Support of .NET Delegates

.NET features not supported in MATLAB.