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Proxy Server Support

The webread, webwrite, and websave functions support only nonauthenticated and basic authentication types for use with your proxy server.

To specify proxy server settings using MATLAB® preferences, see Specify Proxy Server Settings for Connecting to the Internet.

On Windows®, if no proxy is specified in MATLAB preferences, webread, webwrite, and websave use the proxy set in the Windows system preferences. To specify system proxy server settings, refer to your Windows documentation for locating Internet Options. On the Connections tab, select LAN settings. The proxy settings are in the Proxy server section. MATLAB does not take into account proxy exceptions which you configure in Windows.

Even if you have specified the correct credentials in the MATLAB preference panel or in the Windows system proxy settings, the webread, webwrite, and websave functions return the error Proxy Authentication Required if:

  • The proxy server in MATLAB preferences requires an authentication method other than Basic.

  • The proxy server in Windows system preferences requires authentication of any type.

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