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Workspace Variables

The workspace contains variables that you create within or import into MATLAB® from data files or other programs. For example, these statements create variables A and B in the workspace.

A = magic(4);
B = rand(3,5,2);

You can view the contents of the workspace using whos.

  Name      Size             Bytes  Class     Attributes

  A         4x4                128  double              
  B         3x5x2              240  double              

The variables also appear in the Workspace pane on the desktop.

Workspace variables do not persist after you exit MATLAB. Save your data for later use with the save command,

save myfile.mat

Saving preserves the workspace in your current working folder in a compressed file with a .mat extension, called a MAT-file.

To clear all the variables from the workspace, use the clear command.

Restore data from a MAT-file into the workspace using load.

load myfile.mat