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Convert MATLAB datetime to YYYYMMDD numeric value



d = yyyymmdd(t) returns a double array containing integers whose digits represent the datetime values in t. For example, the date July 16, 2014 is converted to the integer 20140716. The conversion is performed this way:

d = 10000*year(t) + 100*month(t) + day(t)


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Create an array of YYYYMMDD numeric values that represent dates.

d = [20140628 20140701 20140704]
d = 1×3

    20140628    20140701    20140704

Convert the dates to datetime values.

t = datetime(d,'ConvertFrom','yyyymmdd')
t = 1x3 datetime
   28-Jun-2014   01-Jul-2014   04-Jul-2014

Convert the datetime values back to YYYYMMDD numeric values.

d2 = yyyymmdd(t)
d2 = 1×3

    20140628    20140701    20140704

Input Arguments

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Input date and time, specified as a datetime array.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2014b