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Number of key-value pairs in dictionary

Since R2022b



    n = numEntries(d) returns the number of key-value pairs stored in the specified dictionary. If d is an unconfigured dictionary, then numEntries returns 0.


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    Create a dictionary containing several key-value pairs.

    names = ["Unicycle" "Bicycle" "Tricycle"];
    wheels = [1 2 3];
    d = dictionary(wheels,names)
    d =
      dictionary (double --> string) with 3 entries:
        1 --> "Unicycle"
        2 --> "Bicycle"
        3 --> "Tricycle"

    Use numEntries to determine how many key-value pairs are stored in d.

    n = numEntries(d)
    n = 3

    Input Arguments

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    Dictionary, specified as a dictionary object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b