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Retrieve application data


Use this function to retrieve data stored using the setappdata function. Both of these functions provide a convenient way to share data between callbacks or between separate UIs.


val = getappdata(obj,name) returns a value stored in the graphics object, obj. The name identifier, name, uniquely identifies the value to retrieve.


vals = getappdata(obj) returns all values stored in the graphics object with their name identifiers.


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Create a figure window.

f = figure;

Get the current date and time as separate variables.

dt = fix(clock);
currdate = dt(1:3);
currtime = dt(4:6);

Store currdate and currtime using the setappdata function.


Retrieve the date information.

ans =

    2014  12    23

Retrieve all data associated with figure f.

ans = 

     todaysdate: [2014 12 23]
    presenttime: [16 51 5]

Input Arguments

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Graphics object containing the value, specified as any graphics object. This is the same graphics object passed to setappdata during the storage operation.

Name identifier, specified as a character vector or string scalar. This is the same name identifier passed to setappdata during the storage operation.

Output Arguments

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Stored value, returned as the same value and data type that was originally stored.

All values stored in the graphics object with name identifiers, returned as a structure. Each field in the structure corresponds to a stored value. The field names of the structure correspond to the name identifiers assigned when each value was stored.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a