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Inverse permute dimensions of N-D array


A = ipermute(B,order)


A = ipermute(B,order) is the inverse of permute. ipermute rearranges the dimensions of B so that permute(A,order) will produce B. The resulting array A has the same values as B but the order of the subscripts needed to access any particular element are rearranged as specified by order. All the elements of order must be unique.


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Create a 2-by-2-by-3 array A, and compute its permutation P according to the vector v. The inverse permutation of P is equivalent to the original array A.

A = rand(2,2,3);
v = [3 2 1];
P = permute(A,v);
IP = ipermute(P,v);
ans = logical


permute and ipermute are a generalization of transpose (.') for multidimensional arrays.

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Introduced before R2006a