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Search for keyword in all help entries


lookfor topic
lookfor topic -all


lookfor topic searches for the character vector topic in the first comment line (the H1 line) of the help text in all MATLAB® program files found on the search path. For all files in which a match occurs, lookfor displays the H1 line.

lookfor topic -all searches the entire first comment block of a MATLAB program file looking for topic.


For example:

lookfor inverse

finds at least a dozen matches, including H1 lines containing "inverse hyperbolic cosine," "two-dimensional inverse FFT," and "pseudoinverse." Contrast this with

which inverse 


what inverse

These functions run more quickly, but probably fail to find anything because MATLAB does not have a function inverse.

In summary, what lists the functions in a given folder, which finds the folder containing a given function or file, and lookfor finds all functions in all folders that might have something to do with a given keyword.

Even more extensive than the lookfor function are the find features in the Current Folder browser. For example, you can look for all occurrences of a specified word in all the MATLAB program files in the current folder and its subfolders. For more information, see Find Files and Folders.


As an alternative to the lookfor function, use the Function Browser.

Introduced before R2006a

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