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Low-level access to HDF4 multifile scientific datasets (SD)


To use these MATLAB® functions, you should be familiar with the HDF SD C API. In most cases, the syntax of the MATLAB function is similar to the syntax of the corresponding HDF library function. The functions are implemented as the namespace To use this namespace, prefix the function name with a namespace path, or use the import function to add the namespace to the current import list, prior to calling the function, for example,

sdID = sd.start("myfile.hdf","read");

Access access to SD interface access to dataset of file of dataset with specified index data in external file HDF file and initialize SD interface

Read/Write new dataset subsample of data current fill mode of file to dataset

Inquiry of datasets and global attributes in file about dataset compression about dataset number corresponding to dataset identifier of object if dataset is a coordinate variable if dataset is appendable value of named dataset of datasets with same name of dataset corresponding to reference number

Dimensions about dimension identifier data for dimension name with dimension scale values for dimension

User-defined Attributes about attribute of specified attribute attribute value attribute value

Predefined Attributes calibration information attributes for dataset attributes for dimension value for dataset and minimum range values dataset calibration information predefined attributes for dataset label, unit, and format attributes fill value for dataset maximum and minimum range value for dataset

Chunking/Tiling Operations size for dataset chunk from dataset chunk size and compression method of dataset chunk to dataset

Compression compression method of dataset nonstandard bit length for dataset values