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Low-level access to HDF-EOS swath files


To use these MATLAB® functions, you must be familiar with the HDF-EOS library C interface. In most cases, the syntax of the MATLAB function is similar to the syntax of the corresponding HDF-EOS library function. The functions are implemented as the namespace To use this namespace, prefix the function name with a namespace path, or use the import function to add the namespace to the current import list, prior to calling the function, for example,

fileId =;

Access to swath data set swath file new swath structure from swath swath file

Definition grid field compression new data field within swath new dimension within swath mapping between geolocation and data dimensions new data field within swath

Basic I/O value for specified field swath attribute data from swath field fill value for the specified field swath attribute data to swath field

Inquiry information for field of dimension about swath field of dimension mapping for named dimension array of geolocation mapping of swath attributes about geolocation fields about dimensions defined in swath about geolocation fields about swath indexed geolocation mapping about swath geolocation relations of swaths in file and increment of specific geolocation mapping of entries for specific type

Subsetting latitude-longitude region for swath time period of interest on monotonic field or dimension data from subsetted time period subsetted region about subsetted period about subsetted region