matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay class

Package: matlab.mixin

Interface for customizing object display


This class provides an interface for customizing the way MATLAB® displays objects. Derive your class from matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay to add the custom display functionality to your class.

For customizing object display, matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay defines a number of protected methods that you can override in your subclass. By overriding specific methods, you can customize specific aspects of the object display.

matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay also implements three public, sealed methods. disp and display provide a simple object display. The details method provides a standard formal display of object information.


You cannot use matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay to derive a custom display for enumeration classes. For an alternative approach, see Overloading the disp Function


convertDimensionsToStringReturn array dimensions as text
displayEmptyObjectDisplay for empty object arrays
displayNonScalarObjectDisplay format for non-scalar objects
displayPropertyGroupsDisplay titles and property groups as defined
displayScalarHandleToDeletedObjectDisplay format for deleted scalar handles
displayScalarObjectDisplay format for scalar objects
getClassNameForHeaderReturn class name for display
getDeletedHandleTextReturns text for handle to deleted object display
getDetailedFooterReturns default detailed footer for object display
getDetailedHeaderReturns default detailed header for object display
getFooterBuild and return display footer text
getHandleTextReturn text 'handle' with link to documentation
getHeaderBuild and return display header text
getPropertyGroupsConstruct array of property groups
getSimpleHeaderReturn simple header for object display



This class defines an interface that subclasses inherit. You cannot instantiate this class.


You can use this class to derive both handle and value classes.

Introduced in R2013b