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Customize Object Display for Classes

Customize how MATLAB® displays objects of your class in the command window

The CustomDisplay class defines an interface that you can use to customize how MATLAB displays objects. For an overview of the interface, see Custom Display Interface. In addition, the CustomCompactDisplayProvider class enables you to customize the display of objects in containers, such as structs and tables. For an overview of the interface, see Custom Compact Display Interface.


detailsDisplay array details


matlab.mixin.CustomDisplayInterface for customizing object display
matlab.mixin.util.PropertyGroupCustom property list for object display
matlab.mixin.CustomCompactDisplayProviderInterface for customizing object display within containers (Since R2021b)
matlab.display.CompactDisplayRepresentationBase class for representing compact display of object array (Since R2021b)
matlab.display.DisplayConfigurationDescribe display environment and settings (Since R2021b)
matlab.display.DimensionsAndClassNameRepresentationCompact display representation using dimensions and class name (Since R2021b)
matlab.display.PlainTextRepresentationCompact display representation using data in object array (Since R2021b)


Custom Display Interface Class and Methods

Specific Techniques for Customizing Object Display

Customizing Compact Displays